Live Action is a radical anti-choice organization. Its mission: to outlaw abortion in this country.

Live Action’s leader, Lila Rose, opposes all abortion, with no exceptions for rape and incest. Rose has stated that if it were up to her, "abortions would be done in the public square." She says she is content to be called an anti-choice extremist because she is devoted to "the best cause our nation has today, the cause for the most innocent and the most defenseless" (Mass Citizens for Life Youth Convention).

Live Action has connections to extreme right-wing operators with criminal records.

Since it was first founded five years ago, Live Action has been on a crusade against Planned Parenthood, which provides the full range of reproductive health care, including abortion.

The actions documented on this website show that Live Action has used deception and trickery to try to discredit Planned Parenthood. It often uses actors and secret videos to "sting" Planned Parenthood clinics. Live Action frequently alters its videos to create the appearance that high standards are not being met and laws are being broken. Live Action often makes inaccurate claims about what is taking place in the videos. We urge all readers to take the time to examine the record presented here.


In January 2011, Live Action released a series of videos secretly recorded in Planned Parenthood health centers.

Live Action made these videos by sending in actors dressed as pimps. The actors talked about managing underage prostitutes – girls described as "14 or 15 years old." In the videos, the actors are seen asking the clinic workers for information on getting contraception and testing for sexually transmitted diseases for these underage prostitutes.

The videos, which were posted on the internet, are selectively edited and feature commentary by Live Action that makes it seem as if the clinic workers might be cooperating with the pimps.

According to published new stories, Planned Parenthood became of aware of the Live Action operation and reported it to the United States Attorney General and the FBI.

News stories also indicate that in every case but one, all the clinicians in the videos acted appropriately. In one case – in a New Jersey clinic – the health worker in the video was seen acting in an unusual way. She appeared to be giving advice to the fake pimp.

According to statements by Planned Parenthood, she was fired immediately.