Live Action was formed in 2006 when Lila Rose and her friend and fellow activist James O'Keefe infiltrated a clinic at UCLA where Rose was a student. O'Keefe has a criminal record for trying to tap the offices of Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA). He may be best known as the right-wing activist who targeted ACORN with secret videos that showed a purported "pimp" and a purported "prostitute" soliciting advice from ACORN employees on operating a sex trade business and evading taxes. O'Keefe's videos were later shown to be heavily edited and unreliable.


Lila Rose has links to the same PR Firm as Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and Republican National Committee.

Lila Rose gets support from the Washington, DC-based CRC Public Relations firm, which represents extreme conservative activists and had a hand in the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth campaign that targeted Democrat John F. Kerry during the 2004 presidential race. Other CRC clients include the Republican National Committee, the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Rep. Mike Pence joined a Lila Rose's webcast

On February 3, 2011, Rep. Mike Pence spoke on a webcast featuring Lila Rose attacking Planned Parenthood. The webcast also included speakers from extreme right wing groups such as the Family Research Council, Americans United for Life, and Susan B. Anthony List. (

Lila Rose is a right-wing political operator supported by conservative groups and figures.

Lila Rose received a 2008 Person of the Year Malachi Award from Operation Rescue, a far-right, anti-choice organization that seeks to impose "biblical mandates" on public policy. Rose has been a featured speaker at many gatherings of extreme conservative groups, including the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit. The Alliance Defence Fund, a Christian legal group, gives her free legal advice. Rose received $50,000 from the Gerard Health Foundation's inaugural Life Prizes awards. The foundation is a Massachusetts-based charity founded by Raymond Ruddy, a businessman who has funded antiabortion campaigns and abstinence-only sex education projects.


Several mainstream news organizations have analyzed Live Action tapes, and documented pervasive use of selective editing to create false impressions. Among that tactics Live Action has employed:

  • Omitting footage from a conversation that would cast Planned Parenthood in a favorable way if the footage were left intact. There are dozens of cases where footage has been altered but conversations on the video appear to be seamless.
  • Taking pieces of conversation out of context.
  • Re-ordering conversations while creating the appearance on video of a seamless conversation.
  • Providing only heavily edited and dubious tapes for public inspection during media blitzes.
  • Including footage of patients in the waiting room, a violation of their privacy
  • Using subtitles to create misimpressions.


Live Action has a history of baselessly claiming criminal violations and overstating or fabricating involvement of authorities.

  • In a press release issued on March 24, 2009, the group claimed that law enforcement authorities were investigating Planned Parenthood in Phoenix and Tucson. But reporters looking into the claim found that there was no investigation. On March 25, the Arizona Republic reported that "Planned Parenthood Arizona is not under investigation by the Arizona attorney general or Maricopa or Pima counties' attorneys."
  • In December 2009, Live Action claimed that a grand jury in Indiana was investigating Planned Parenthood (Value Voters Summit speech, 2009). The grand jury agreed to review videotapes made by Live Action actors carrying hidden cameras, but it never took action and no charges of any kind were ever filed as a result of reviewing the Live Action content.
  • Lila Rose admitted on a radio talk show that a Memphis videotape did not show legal violations in Memphis, only what she viewed as violations of "moral law."


Live Action promotes misleading medical information and accuses Planned Parenthood of providing false health information.

Another deceptive tactic that Live Action uses is promoting misleading medical claims in their attacks on Planned Parenthood. As an editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel put it, "Live Action contended that a clinician and physician in a December video gave medically inaccurate information to a woman feigning both pregnancy and a desire for an abortion in Appleton. The group asked both the state attorney general and the Outagamie district attorney to investigate. The reality: What's depicted is mostly an exercise by professionals in walking a woman with many questions through a procedure she said she wanted."

Live Action has made numerous medically inaccurate medical statements and misleading accusations. Some examples:

Falsely linking abortion to premature birth in subsequent pregnancy

In a July 20, 2010 press release Live Action accused Planned Parenthood of using "medically inaccurate counseling to convince a young woman to have an abortion" after the counselor tells a patient that the abortion would not have a negative impact on her ability to have children in the future. Live Action claims that "a previous abortion increases a woman's risk of pre-term birth by 20%."

FACT: According to the highly respected Mayo Institute, "only rarely would an abortion cause problems in a subsequent pregnancy", which is a conclusion echoed by every major medical establishment that addresses pregnancy risk.

Misinformation about Birth Control and Cancer

Lila Rose made medically incorrect statements about birth control and potential links to cancer in her Values Advocacy Council November 2010 speech.

Lila Rose: "...This isn't well known, but birth control causes a lot of physical health problems for women. And this information is being suppressed by the very organizations that pretend to help women. Susan B. Komen, this pro-women, anti-breast cancer organization, gives some of its money to Planned Parenthood which is making more breast cancer by pushing more abortions and birth control — hormonal birth control, on to women."

FACT: According to the National Cancer Institute, studies of a possible link between oral contraceptives and breast cancer have yielded mixed results. A 1998 study by the Women's Contraceptive and Reproductive Experiences (Women's CARE) found that the use of oral contraceptives did not significantly increase a woman's risk for breast cancer. Also, oral contraceptives have been proven to decrease the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancers in women who use oral contraceptives; women also continue to receive this cancer-fighting benefit for years after they stop taking the pill. (Source: National Cancer Institute)

Misinformation about Fetal Development

An editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel rebutted Live Action's edited tape, saying: "Live Action says there were conflicting statements in the video about fetal viability, when it's a baby and heart tones vs. heartbeats. But a viewing of the fullest tape available reveals that the clinician and doctor go to lengths to tell the woman about embryonic and fetal development. She leaves before she can be examined." (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/2/2010;